Education ICT Infrastructure


Platform for Learning and Teaching

Information for communication technology (ICT) provides essential tools for educators to modernize learning , teaching and assessment and increasing student achievements combine mobile devices with high-quality education software, broadband internet access , robust infrastructure , and secure cloud services to bring resources into the classroom and enable personalized learning experiences .

Classroom eLearning ICTs
Effective eLearning environments stimulate learners empowers educators and promote learning excellence

ICTs for learners

Students can:

  • Work and learn within the school and throughout the community
  • Access, use and create a wide variety of media-rich content
  • Read and interpret complex text , images ,data, and media
  • Collaborate with peers , local and global experts and community members
  • Conduct virtual experiments
  • Demonstrate their learning through a variety of authentic methods in addition to exams

ICTs for educators

Teachers can :

  • Create more time to work with students and allow schools to operate efficiently
  • Improve communications between school and home and empower parents to be active collaborators
  • Reduce isolation and expand their expertise by participating in professional learning communities
  • Utilize advanced analytics tools that help identify and expand evidence-based teaching methodologies .

Choosing Devices for Learning ,Teaching and Assessment

Device choices for learning and teaching start from the desired outcomes and uses. Teachers need full-featured laptops to create lessons , design personalized learning experiences ,assess student progress, collaborate with colleagues and expert, conduct their own professional learning and evaluate new sources of data. Students can use a wider range of devices depending on the grade level and curricular and assessment requirements. In addition to empowering learning and teaching student devices must be managed efficiently and secured effectively.