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Digital Literacy skills Programme for Everyone
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Digital Skills are essential in modern day society .The 21st Century world is vibrant ,multifaceted, diverse and technology driven. Today's economy places value on broad knowledge and skills , flexibility, cross-training , multi-tasking teaming ,problem solving and project based work . It therefore requires citizens to be armed with the necessary skills to move with it . Increasing , the ability to confidently use computer application is a prerequisite for productive participation in society , for assessing education and for employment in the many sectors .

What is Digital Literacy?

Digital Literacy is the ability o use digital technology communication tools and network to access, mange, evaluate, create and communicate information in order to function in a knowledge society.
Digital Literacy can potentially enhance:

  • How a student accesses, processes and assimilates educational material
  • How a worker applies their problem solving and critical thinking abilities in the course of their work and increases their productivity when they carry out administrative duties. A study showed that on average companies lose 8% of employee's productive time to poor IT resources or inadequate personal computer skills.
  • A country's overall technological progress. There is an inextricable link between technology and competitive advantage; several studies have shown the impact of this productivity and the economic development in a country.

Digital Skills Passport For Governments

Governments across the world are drafting policies for effective implementation of technologies in the effective administration and operating of civil service. Key to the implementation of the e-Government initiatives is the effective capacity building of staff so that they are equipped not only to operate , but also embrace technologies the Digital Skills Passport is the ideal in-service training platform for ICT skills. The training flexibility in deployment and mode of instruction makes it easy to adopt at all levels of authority within government structure .The need to balance between studying and working varies and becomes even more complex as we move from clerical staff to key decision makers in government. It is therefore imperative to have a training programme that has multiple entry points, adaptive deployment modes and effective instruction methods

Digital Skills Passport For Corporates

The digital Skills Passport certification provides a globally accepted benchmark for objective verification of employees skills and competencies in the use and application of ICTs. The qualification is skills focuses and as such , reduces the gap that exist in most academic qualifications and the skills to apply knowledge that industry seeks. Employees will spend less time trying to find and use a function , thus increasing effective execution of duties in the workplace .The Digital Skills Passport also help corporates shape training needs and system implementation when rolling out diverse technology platforms.

Digital Skills Passport For Schools

Media , Information and ICT literacy form an essential part 21st century key capacities for learners and educators . ICTs are increasingly finding their space in education as one of the most effective ways to engage learners ,deliver curriculum, and promote learning excellence. The Digital Skills Passport provides learners with the requisite technology skills they will need to apply to be successful in the workplace and to prepare them for continuous learning . Educators are equipped with the ICT skills for effective integration of technology in teaching and learning

Digital Skills Passport For Individuals

ICT skills enable people of all ages to understand and use technology to improve their personal and professional lives . The ability to use ICTs effectively is an essential life skill in the 21st century .The Digital Skills Passport certification improve the holders professional life by making them more attractive to employers, while increasing their ability to communicate and access information and services in their personal life . The evident increase in individual's confidence also improves efficiency and productivity by also increasing the potential to apply technology in everyday task . The Digital Skills Passport also enables individuals to learn on-the-go through its combination Online and offline .

Digital Skills Passport Programme

Digital Skills Passport Programme provides access to the resources that students trainers and organisations need to conduct effective Digital Literacy training.
The programme provides a learning path from basic modules all the way Professional Programme. The modules are fun supportive confidence building and accessible.
The Digital Skills Passport validates the mastery of digital skills. Designed around the needs of the 21st Century workplace , the Digital Skills Passport Certification is a valuable credential that certifies that the bearer has the requisite skills and knowledge to confidently employ the latest information and communication digital technologies to achieve business objectives, enhance productivity, increase profitability and gain a competitive edge.