Teacher Professional Development


Professional development helps educators take advantage of the opportunities of education transformation and improve student learning .ongoing professional development must empower teachers to apply the capabilities of a data-rich and technology-infused learning environment , apply new learning strategies and deliver a personalized education for each student

Professional development is pivotal to achieve effective Education for Sustainable Development. On-going , high-quality professional Development for teachers, educators and administrators can help :

  • Empower educators to develop competence and confidence in working with new learning models, curriculum resources assessment methods ,tools, and technologies
  • Enable students to benefit from a student-centered 21st century education
  • Ensure the technology investments are used to achieve the program's goals
  • Prepares teachers to take on transformative new roles. More than traditional dispensers of knowledge, or even enables or supporters of student learning teachers become directors and activators igniting each student's unique learning path. Reflecting the rapid growth of new knowledge teachers act less as all-knowing experts and more as lead learners and confident explorers .
  • Enable teachers to build mastery of new assessment methodologies, both standards-based assessment that align with curriculum changes and formative assessments that teachers can use to improve instruction in real time.

With digital content providing more data and formative assessment and standardized test evolving, Professional Development can enable teachers to :

Our Services Skills Institute has provided Professional Development to more than 10,000 Educators in Zimbabwe covering Digital Pedagogy ,ICT Integration and 21st Century Teaching Approaches and Methodologies. The starting point of our Professional Development establishing 21st century key capacities and skills gap educators.

Our courses and workshops cover the following themes:

  • Mainstreaming 21st Century Skills
  • Integration of ICT in teaching and learning
  • Student Led (Learning Centered) teaching approaches
  • Personalised and adaptive teaching and learning
  • Creating digital learning resources