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The Intel® Teach Getting Started course is a professional development offering to assist classroom teachers who have little to no computer experience to acquire basic technology literacy skills and an introduction towards developing 21st century approaches to teaching and learning. Over 10 million teachers worldwide have received this training making the single most pervasive teacher qualification on the planet.

Getting Started

This course introduces software productivity tools and student-centered learning approaches to teachers with little or no technology experience. Teachers develop an awareness of practical applications for collaborativ elearning. This introduction to 21st century learning features hands-on learning which includes cycles of creating, sharing, and reflecting in order to prepare teachers for the Essentials course.

Essentials Course

Intended for both in-service and preservice teachers with intermediate skills in computer applications and basic knowledge in project-based learning, the Essentials Course is the flagship, face-toface offering of the Intel® Teach Program.The offering provides teachers with a foundation of skills to fully integrate technology into existing classroom curricula and promote student-centered learning. Teachers learn strategies to develop a unit plan that supports a project approach to learning where students create materials using productivity tools and online resources. In addition, teachers learn to integrate multiple types of assessment that help

This Course

  • Introduces 21st century approaches such as student-centred instruction, critical thinking and collaboration
  • Introduces technology skills in a practical way that results in the creation of tools and documents that can help increase teacher productivity
  • Includes the development of individual action plans detailing how participants will apply their new skills and approaches to enhance their own productivity.

The course involves the use of computer, and you will have many opportunities to use computer software to engage in hands on exercises & activities,  self-reflection, and action individual work on course exercises, activities and action plans. All of this is designed to provide you with tools to be more effective & productive as a subject-matter teacher. however we also recognize that access to computers in classrooms maybe limited for teachers & for use by students. Therefore, this course does not focus on training you to teach computer skills to students, or to have you prepare student lesson plans that incorporate technology. Instead, this course focuses on giving you skills to be more productive as a teacher & to incorporate new learning approaches into your classroom    

Modules Covered

Module 1

Focus is on 21st century skills and classroom environment aimed at discovering the differences between teacher –centered and student – centered approaches and react on professional practices.

Module 2

Focus is on learning the basic computer components, discovering the fundamentals of the operating system and developing internet navigation skills and react on professional practices.

Module 3

Focus is on understanding how to cultivate higher – order thinking in students as well as developing skills for promoting and facilitating collaboration among students to become familiar with the structure of each activity.

Module 4

Focus is on discovering word processing software, beginning with a technology introduction exploration, discussions and completing the required word processing activities and assessments.


Focus is on applying different word processing skills through selecting and completing at least one
relevant elective activity and sharing work with colleagues.Discussing and reacting on productivity
and professional practices is part of the package.

Module 6

Focus is on discovering multimedia software beginning with a technology introduction, exploration and discussion to complete the required multimedia activities.

Module 7

Focus is on applying multimedia productivity tools by selecting and completing at least one relevant
elective activity, sharing your work with colleagues, discussing and reacting on productivity and professional practices.

Module 8

Focus is on discovering spreadsheets by beginning with a technology introduction, exploration and
discussion as well as completing the required spreadsheet activity.

Module 9

Focus is on applying spreadsheets productivity tools by selecting and completing at least one relevant elective activity, discussing and reacting on productivity and professional practices.

Module 10

Focus is on facilitation skills to develop strategies for promoting listening and speaking skills, giving directions, observing and monitoring, questioning, encouraging, intervening and understanding the
process of accepting change and reacting on professional practices.

Module 11

Focus is on understanding the purpose and components of an action plan, viewing sample action plans, determining the professional changes needed and developing a plan to implement the changes over time. Activities include planning the action plan on paper and doing it on the computer.

Module 12

Focus is on action plan enhancement and sharing thus reviewing and making changes to the action plan, sharing the action plan and receiving constructive feedback.

Leadership Forum Course

Intended for school leaders; this interactive, face-to-face offering focus on promoting , supporting and implementing effective technology integration in schools. The forum, designed for a critical component of education improvement , gives participants the skills to advocate for the routine and seamless use of technology resources and technology-based practices in their schools.

Way Forward

To get started, educators should get in touch with eLearning Solutions and discuss their education transformation requirements.

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