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We are a Zimbabwean corporation with a powerful national presence and global reach, established in 2000. We think the future of this nation resides, not in its tiny population, but in the provision of world class instructional and coaching alternatives for 500 million SADC and COMESA individuals. We also think that technology can never substitute excellent educators and excellent learning methods, and it needs the complete involvement and help of educating people in creating educationally effective, viable and eventually viable assets.

What do we do?

We support teachers, stimulate learners and promote learning excellence. We create interactive and collaborative Learning Communities of Educators and Learners that use Information and Communication Technologies to enhance education and training.

We design, produce and deliver e-learning solutions for everyone:


– Academic learner

– Career learner

– Personal Development learner

– Life Skills learner

– Fun learner

How do we do it?

– We use the latest learning psychology technologies.

– Apply the latest instructional designing techniques.

– Creatively use interactive digital multimedia

– Utilize computer and telecommunication technologies.


Our Goals

Our aim is to reach everyone who would benefit from learning.We aim to inspire people to start learning, enjoy learning and achieve learning and keep learning throughout their lives.

Our objectives include:

– Developing just-in-time learning

– Transforming schools into learning centres with teachers as

   guides and fellow learners

– Developing learning methods independent of time and


– Providing learning at the workplace

– Developing a new kind of learner, in control and in


– Developing electronic virtual schools; schools without walls

– Providing learning on the information superhighway

–  Providing virtual libraries, field trips, museums, etc

–  Developing global communities, networking and mentoring

– Developing new colleagues, new perspectives, and new


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